Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Just got back this week from the Holidays. I did not know that I've become so popular. I actually have the ART POLICE watching over me now!
I had done 2 commissioned pieces of THE ROCKETEER a few months earlier from a regular client of mine. The client provided me with 2 copies of THE ROCKETEER that he wanted me to recreate. After they were completed, the client could not come up with the balance that was owed to me. I was pretty PO'ed about it that I then decided to list the pieces on Ebay to try and recoup some of my losses.
Unfortunately it turned out to be artwork by Rafael Albuquerque and Steve Epting that I had recreated. Not knowing who the artists were from the copies that I was given plus not a big Rocketeer fan. I had failed to give these 2 GREAT ARTISTS any credit or mention on the artwork. I fully apologize to them. I removed the items for sale on ebay and have since disposed of them. I will in the future give full credit to the artist on any artwork that I recreate. Since I now have the ART POLICE watching over me, I'll be doing less of it and listing more of my creator owned artwork instead. Hope this clears thing up with whoever this might have upset.
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Anonymous said...

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