Friday, November 21, 2008


My continuing frustration with Diamond comic book distributors has finally reached it's BOILING POINT! We just recently got back another rejection letter(this will now be the 4th rejection letter from them on 4 different titles from Kaso Comics, Inc. within the last few years) from Diamond on our current comic book graphic novel -THE INDESTRUCTIBLE MAN UNLEASHED! (Copy of this letter is on the right). Now it looks like they are in the art and writing critic business as well as distribution. They have now, THE BALLS to take upon themselves what we the public want to see in print as a comic book. WHAT BOGGLES ME IS THAT 2/3rds OF THIS BOOK WAS ALREADY
DISTRIBUTED BY THEM YEARS AGO!. So what kind of game are they playing here. I think it's about time we all started complaining and writing letters to our local congressman about this sole distributor of comic books who seems to have the monopoly on this industry and has decided for us what we the public want to see in print in comic books. Who does not have any desire or reguard to include the smaller independent press companies in their fat ass catalogs. My biggest disappointment is in this Steve leaf character over at Diamond. I can go on and on, but what's the point. THE POINT IS WE ALL NEED TO START AND WRITE TO OUR LOCAL CONGRESSMAN AND COMPLAIN ABOUT THESE BASTARDS. THEY THINK THEY GOTTEN SO BIG NOW, THAT THEY HAVE DECIDED WHAT WE THE PUBLIC WANT TO SEE IN A COMIC BOOK.


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