Saturday, November 22, 2008


Here's a BLACK PANTHER drawing that I have done. This was strictly a study piece. This was done from a copy of a BRUCE TIMM piece. I repenciled it on a light box and then inked the whole drawing with markers. This is one of the rare times were I am using markers only! I mostly use brush and pen on my ink work.

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Jake Ekiss said...

Y'know, I looked at this post from Rafael and thought "surely this kid can't be that stupid".

Then I look here and find you've actually gone and ripped a Bruce Timm piece as well(I looked it up, and in fact found the same image, it's on the first page of a google search for Chist's sake). That's called ART THEFT, Anthony. Looking over your ebay sell lists there's indeed a number of pieces I believe have been copied straight from pros, many without so much as a mention to where you swiped them. My god, I think there's even Romita and Kirby swipes on there.

Have you no shame?

Anthony Cacioppo said...

Hi Jake:
Here's an answer to your comment.
I am strictly a comic book inker.
I am always trying to improve.
I do alot of these pieces as study or warm ups.I'll usually list them on ebay when they start to pile up on me. I have no intentions of riping other artists off. All these pieces are fully credited to the artist under my signature and documented on the backs as well.
Other then trying to improving my skills, I am not looking to do any type of art theft here. There's not enough money coming out of this to think that deep. Hope this clears things up with you.
Thanks for your comment,

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